Local producers

OPG Branko Zanki

Family farming Bane offers a wide range of jams (all citrus fruits, wild berries, plums, figs, grapes, wild rosehip, blackberries...) capers and rock samphire in wine vinegar, oranges, lemons, lemon and orange's dried pillow.
They also offer salted products, fish products as pates of blue and white fish and tapenada.
All products are branded as "Croatian Islands Product".
They are winners of various prizes of CIP: Best Citrus Jams (Sinj, 2013), Tapenada appetizer of olives and nachovies (Best Salted Product, Gospić 2012).

OPG Branko Zanki
OIB 21225824765
Komiža, Put Norpine 6
Mob: 091 750 1441


The delicacies of the Mardešič family come from the Island of Vis, brimming with lemmon, orange and other fruits. The hand-picked and traditionally processed fruit capturesthe attention of connoseurs of quality products. Packed as souvenirs, they are also a convenient momento from this beautiful island. The Mardešić Family made one of 200 best olive oil sin Croatia 2009. Their offer also includes seasoneds salt, ground dried lemon and orange peel, domestic jam and liqueurs, local wines, capars and St. John's Mort immortelle macerated oil. By offering healty food, family strives to rescue the old traditional food making skills from oblivion.

Obrt Kamenice
OIB 91586685277
Marinkovo 10, Podhumlje


Mob: 098 720 0133


In order to stop the erosion of the population on island Vis, on September 14th1975, the community high school started working.  After changing few names, since 1992 it has been named after the local priest, a doctor of law, a historian and a writer Antun Matijašević Karamaneo who is responsible for the educational bloom on Vis at the beginning of the 18th century. During its existence, the school has changed occupations and professions to the needs of the island, the wishes of the students and their parents, but also respecting the possibilities that The Ministry of Science and Education provided. The last few years the school has been oriented towards the Gymnasium programme and the Catering and Tourism sectors.  
Since 2013, as a part of extracurricular activities of the school, the student group “Bravura” has been acting to develop the entrepreneurial spirit of the students through cherishing the island heritage.

High school "Antun Matijašević Karamaneo"
OIB 57436529895
Vis, Viškog boja 9

Mob: +385 21 711 748