Code of conduct in geopark

It is strictly forbiden to collect, relocate and take away rocks and geological samples from protected areas and designated geo sites.

Nature Protection Act (NN 80/2013) defines the protected areas. In the area of the Geopark Vis Archipelago, there are monuments of nature and significant landscapes, and the ecological network Natura 2000 encompasses the entire land area and most of the maritime area of the Geopark.

According to Article 117 of the Nature Protection Act, a monument of nature is definedas the following:
A single unchanged part of nature which has ecological, scientific, aesthetic or educational value.
On as site that has been declared a monument of nature, only interventions and activities which do not endanger its features and values are allowed.

The area of the Geopark includes the following monuments of nature: the island of Jabuka, the island of Brusnik, the Blue Cave, the Monk Seal Cave, and the Green Cave.

According to the Article 118 of the Nature Protection Act, a significant landscape is the following:

A natural or cultivated area of high landscape value and biodiversity and/or geodiversity or a landscape of preserved unique features characteristic for a specific area.

On a site that has been declared a significant landscape, only interventions and acticvities that do not endanger the defining features that secured the site's protected status are permitted.

The Geopark includes the following significant landscapes: Stiniva Cove and the islet of Ravnik.

In the Geopark area, the use of natural assets is defined and implemented based on management plans for these natural assets. These ensures the preservation of biodiversity, landscape diversity and geodiversity.

It is forbiden to use natural assets in a way that would cause:
– damage to the surface or underground geological, hidrogeological and geomorphological values;
– disruption of the favourable condition of wild species and habitats;
– decrease of biodiversity, landscape diversity and geodiversity.