Geographical definition of area / Islands of the Archipelago

The Vis Archipelago – is a central Adriatic aquatorium which belongs to the island of Vis, with a number of nearby unnhabited islets: Ravnik, Budihovac, Veli Paržanj, Mali Paržanj, Greben, Host, Veli Barjak and Mali Barjak and the open-sea islands among which the most remote are the island of Palagruža (40 nautical miles southwards), inhabited only by lighthouse keepers, and the islet of Jabuka which rises like a black pyramid from volcanic diabase above the sea, some 30 nautical miles west of Vis.

Within this maritime triangle, with surface area amounting to nearly 6000 km², there are also the islands of Sveti Andrija, Brusnik and the only populated island among these, the island of Biševo.