Udruga Islomania

Islomania is a non-profit association for people who are in love with the sea and with the islands. The Islomania Association educates and prepares its members for the skills needed to enjoy recreational activities. It organizes courses, presentations, exibitions and workshops to promote ecological awareness, environmental protection, cultural heritage, renewable energy sources and, above all, healthy life. Our premier sports activity is SUP, which is a kind of meditation in the movement and an excellent way to get to know the sea on the island. It's easy to learn it, all you have to do is keep balance, paddle and enjoy. We will teach you about local winds and currents, the best rowing and security spots on the sea.
Islomania will also implement community service projects such as Coastal Cleaning with SUP and public awareness and education campaigns on SUP security and surf labeling.

Udruga Islomania
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Vis, Uvala Milna 4
Mob: 091 892 6129

Alma Čače

Contemporary artist, currently living and working in Split. She actively exhibits her works and is the leader of art workshops for children and adults.

Defines her art as abstract expressionism. She paints intuitively, spontaneously, imitating nature and cultivating sensitivity to the unusual.

Alma's great sensibility for color, structure, and layers creates a painting that cannot be experienced with a passing glance. It requires full immersion, both visual and emotional.

„I am inspired by people and their surroundings, with emphasis on the sea and seashores. The (territory) connecting line between the land and the sea is very intriguing to me, in the artistic sense. Being in nature is my way of relaxation, so I try to visit the coves and beaches as much as possible. There I photograph my future motives and collect the materials I later recycle in various ways – as painting tools, canvas or frames.

I partnered with Geopark Vis Archipelago, and in that collaboration my aim is to represent a way of living I find truly magnificent: by the sea, feeling its magic.

The projects I find especially meaningful involves working with children – having art workshops and displaying exhibitions in Geopark center. Working with children is one of my passions, I cooperate with few other institutions in that way as well. Witnessing children's expression has a lot to teach me and that kind of experience makes me grow as an artist.” ALMA ČAČE

The composition is usually reduced to a simple line of the horizon, while the true richness of the painting comes out of its layers and structure. Even the residues of her specific brushes, made out of wood and plant leaves, can easily be found in the painting. Inspired by nature's effortless manner of leaving traces on surfaces, Alma uses her natural brushes to explore different lines and traces, thus cultivating her sensibility for the unique and unexpected. TONI HORVATIĆ

"If we look deeply into the littlest shadows of the unknown addresses, we enter a hidden world that is in a constant flux of concrete and abstract, real and surreal, intimate and universal." TONĆI ŠITIN

The artist encourages a certain engagement contained in postfeminist connotations. She opposes her feminine Self to the principles of conservative art, thus opening a space for freedom and ''ordinary'' thinking. VANDA FRANIČEVIĆ

Alma Čače
OIB 39592295945
Split, Poljička cesta 25

Mob: 098 903 1491