Konoba Gušti poja

Gušti poja is a small tavern that has found its place in the heart of Vis Island, surrounded by the scent of pine trees. Decorated in a retro style, it exudes a casual atmosphere and is a real haven for visitors.
The food is prepared for basic daily offerings in accordance with fresh local ingredients, traditional dishes in a new guise become real treats.
The wine list presents delicious Plavac and Vugava wines from a small number of local winemakers, the juices are natural from the palette of Mediterranean herbs, and for an afternoon meal you can stop by for coffee and a carob or orange cake.

Konoba Gušti poja
OIB 52282441063
Podšpilje, Podšpilje 4
MOB +385 91 897 6199

Riblji restoran

Dear guests,
Because of the history of our island our culinary philosophy places emphasis on Mediterranean Croatian cuisine, but we also include the influences of Croatian continental regions. Due to its geographical location, island Vis and our small country has always been a meeting point for civilizations, cultures and even empires. That is why the influences of the Mediterranean, Central Europe, Pannonia, the Balkans and the Middle East are intertwined in Croatian cuisine.
All historical influences: Greek,Italian, Austrian, Turkish, Hungarian and many others combined with Croatian indigenous recipes and ingredients to create a very diverse cuisine.
Chef Vicko Fadić

Riblji restoran
OIB 01633538409
Komiža, Riva 17
MOB 099 603 0000